About Island Triathlon Club

Island tri club was formed in late 2014 early 2015.  It was formed by a group of like minded people looking to get together with other people interested in the sport of triathlon.  All of our members come from either a running or biking background.  Some of them were doing adventure racing, marathon and 10k’s.  Like many others, there was a need to improve our swimming so all our members met at Noel Skelton’s swim class in Dungannon pool.

We are forming this club now in hope to pass the great sport on to the next group of people and help them achieve their goals whatever they may be.  We are based in the Coalisland, Dungannon area where we all live and train from.  Over the next couple of years we hope to build a club that everyone can enjoy and feel welcome.  Please feel free to contact anyone of our members to join or even just try out a session to see if it is something you may like.